All of our lives are stories. The events in our lives tell the most personal and important of our stories. We are narrative beings and since we started writing on cave wells – and celebrating that achievement by having friends over for a drink to show them – the parties and events in our lives are one of the ways we tell our stories.

Your son’s christening. Your daughter’s bat mitzvah. Your wedding day. The day you are fifty and fabulous. Your grandmother’s memorial. These are stories told not just told with words but with food and hospitality, entertainment and artful design. They’re the signs and signifiers of our lives.

Life’s stories are not just personal, they are business. A new product that is going to make work at home easier, make the planet safer and us look prettier, these events are stories too. How many of your stories are about the office holiday party when we celebrate with cheer the achievements of the year with colleagues who are our friends. There some of these events that we look back at with great memories of a wonderful times, and others not so much.

Often the most profound stories we help tell are our charity events. We produced Canada’s biggest running HIV/AIDS benefit, Bloor Street Entertains for the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research – once during a bomb scare – now that is a story. But with far less drama the work we did for Walrus Magazine, for Campbell House, for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund – and for volunteers and guests too, these events meant something.  To raise money for something bigger than ourselves, to feel in your little way you were making a difference . . . that’s a lovely story to tell.

Event/Narrative Management Group help people tell these stories. We provide start to finish event planning and producing services – curating food and creating incredible cocktails, we design incredible event spaces and work with the best freelancers in the business to execute our design of your vision. We write press releases and work with media for events that need publicity. David Vallee, our proprietor with 25 years of hospitality and broadcast experience, will talk about your event on one of his many radio and television appearances if your corporate campaign or gala fundraiser needs a little boost and boast.

We are a one stop solution. From conception to ideas to mopping up the floors at the end of the night, we cover the waterfront. We work with competitors who are friends we respect. We work with seasoned freelancers whose lives we have shared professionally for several decades in some cases. We are train interns, promote young up and comers.

Mostly, we work with our clients. Everyone working on your event - from our staff and freelancers to our executive team- knows that our primary directive, without diversion, is to provide impeccable service to our clients and your guests. These are not our stories, they are yours.