David’s love of entertaining started at home.

His grandparents kept a huge cutting garden at their house in the country, rows and rows of flowers that weren’t used as landscape but were cut and brought indoors, filling their home with flowers from April until the autumn. A family party in June meant the house would be filled with peonies and early roses.

David learned a much more casual style of entertaining from his parents with fun barbecues and staff parties. He did part of his education in Europe and fell in love with whole new entertaining style – formal and European. The family with whom he lived had an elegant home filled with eighteen century French furniture.  And with a generations-long connection to the Swedish royal family, they would sometimes entertain in a very haute style indeed. It was a real education for a young man from the tobacco fields of Tillsonburg, Ontario.

After a film, politics and drama education at Queen’s University, David relocated to Ottawa for a stint in politics, and then migrated to Toronto to follow his bliss in the food and event planning industry.  David managed, owned or promoted a variety of businesses, but his focus was producing stellar events. He even took the show on the road and spent a year in Miami Beach, Bahamas and New York.



David returned to Toronto permanently in 1998. After running several successful large hospitality companies, he narrowed his event planning practice when he joined A la Carte Kitchen, one of Toronto's most successfully catering companies that recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in business. In 2004, David struck it out on his own, with partner Gabriel Elias, to create David Vallee Entertains and since then has had several successful brands in food, catering and more recently in television. In 2005, David was the last person cast in season one of Rich Bride Poor Bride but soon became one of the shows most popular planners.

In September, 2006, Rich Bride fans were shocked to hear David announce on Entertainment Tonight Canada that he been diagnosed with Stage Four Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. No stranger in fighting and indeed thriving with illness (David has had Crohn's disease since childhood) his family and friends were not surprised that nine months after he started chemo, David was back on set and on site at events - he has been cancer-free since 2008. 

Beyond ‘Rich Bride, Poor Bride’ David has guest-starred in episodes of ‘Style by Jury’ ‘Maxxed Out’ and"the Social.' During the latest royal wedding, he appeared on CTV, CBC and CanWest Global networks as an expert. Beyond that, he has appeared on most local stations in television and radio across the country promoting both his television projects and the many charities he supports. He sits on the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research Advisory Council.

While David continues to enjoy his work as an event planner, he is more than ever focused on his creative interests. He is writing a book and working on a scripted narrative television script, loosely based on the many adventures his living and life continues to uncover.