The Straffordville Hall Foundation is pleased to announce that the 10th Annual Bayham’s Got Talent will be held on Sunday, April 23rd at 1:00 PM, hosted again this year by David Vallee. David, who grew up in Bayham, is best known as co-host of the hit television show, Rich Bride, Poor Bride. This year’s show is once again being produced by Dorothy Neville and will be held once again in the newly renovated Straffordville Community Centre.

“We are so excited to be back in our newly revamped community centre and to have David returning with us,” said Marni Wolfe, the -Chairperson of the Straffordville Hall Foundation. “When he was a teenager, he helped run our summer day camp – I was one of his campers. He coached us in music and drama in the hall - so this is full circle for us.”

Bayham’s Got Talent, which features an array of local talent, both the youth and established adult talent, is demonstrating how this newly renovated community centre is already becoming a hub for the arts in this small municipality on the north shore of Lake Erie. 

“I live mainly in Toronto but am home, as I still call it, whenever I can. People in the city have so many community options in the arts but it is harder in the rural areas,” David Vallee said.  “It is such an honour to support this show because it is providing a space for artistic expression that every community needs.”

The foundation has raised over $110,000 in support of the community centre, but there is still work to be done. It needs a proper kitchen and staging so it can once again serve the needs of many community events.

“The hall and park were literally in our back yard growing up,” Vallee said. “I remember my mum and dad getting dressed up to go to dances and skipping the light fantastic, walking across the park in their finery. There were family and friend’s weddings and so much theatre and music- that is where the community hall was so important to me. School track & field days and baseball in the summer, it was a hub of activity. It was great place to grow up.”

“A small group of concerned residents came together several years ago, when the building needed serious work in order to continue functioning, I am rather a Jonny come lately on this one. They really were instrumental in saving it as a community resource. We are 80% of the way there – but need a proper kitchen and stage to truly make this a fully functioning community centre. Bayham’s Got Talent is not only the epidemy of what we want happening here, it is giving back by raising money for the future,” Vallee said.

Seating is first come, first serve. The event is pay what you can donation at the door. We hope you give generously.